Trinity Church Leadership

Our Pastor: Phil Brainerd

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

That was written by Charles Dickens over 150 years ago. But it holds for today, too. We have technology surpassing the best science fiction of previous generations. We have entertainment options galore. The whole world should be a happy paradise. But, it’s not. Brokeness is all around us.


I’ve pondered that question for a long time. I believe we find the answers to that and other vital questions when we find God.

Maybe we can help you to find answers to your questions? Come, visit us sometime.

Phil Brainerd holds a D.Min. from Westminster Seminary, and has served in the Christian Ministry for over 30 years

His book, "The Idols on the Hills: Values, Choices, and the Battle for the Hearts of Mankind" is available on Amazon.

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Phil Brainerd